Power Woman




Reveal your inner beauty

You want radiant, petal-soft, glowing skin. And while you’ve tried just about everything to get the skin you want, nothing seems to work. But that’s only because you haven’t unlocked the Power Woman Skincare Bundle.

Inside, you’ll get 3 skin-kissing products formulated to give you the radiant, buttery-soft, glowing skin you’ve been dreaming of. Give your skin some much-needed TLC with:

  • Rosa Canina with Rose water and Rosehip powder that tonifies your skin and keeps it tight, firm and healthy.
  • Radiante nighttime serum, with Cherry Kernel, Meadowfoam and Hemp seed Oil, wins the battle against clogged pores and impurities, leaving your skin velvety-soft and radiant.
  • Djis Relahá Scrub infused with a refreshing mint scent sure to relieve tension and give your skin a gorgeous glow.


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