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Happy colorful paintings and more made in Curaçao

Renate Rolefes is a professional artists with more than 30 years’ experience.

Renate is also one of the founders and ladies behind the popular concept Happy Painting (in Dutch: Vrolijk Schilderij – with more than 64,000 Facebook fans, a gallery in Hengelo and countless paintings sold in the Netherlands and abroad) and the Online Painting Club (an online community with more than 1700 active members).

Renate is married and a mother of 4 children. She has been working in her own studio for many years, generally producing realistic portraits and paintings on commission.

In high school, Renate was encouraged to further develop her talents. Although enrolled at several art academies, she eventually followed a teacher training course in drawing and crafts. Aurore learned to apply and master all techniques with the aim of transferring this knowledge to young, talented children.

In the end it didn’t get that far, painting and creating itself remained a common theme. The world around her is her most meaningful source of inspiration. Art without a fuss, accessible to everyone.

Renate has her most beautiful and precious memories of the period in which she focused on the theme of ‘farewell’ with her work. By painting coffins and making portraits in which the ashes of the deceased were processed, she brought support and guidance in a difficult phase of life. This form of grief counseling brought her great appreciation. In this way, next of kin were allowed to fill in a farewell in a fitting and personal way, thereby making farewell a part of life.

For many years, her artist’s life was devoted to making cheerful paintings, often commissioned. However since 2018, Renate has been painting her colourful paintings from Curaçao, the course changed and the island has a magical effect on her inspiration and creativity.
At the moment she paints her cheerful paintings with a Curaçao touch.

In 2019, Happy Paintings opened its own Local Art Shop in the heart of Punda.
In their shop you can treat yourself to a great variety of colorful handmade paintings and other souvenirs with the designs from Happy Paintings. You wil find Art Prints, Coasters, Calendars, Magnets and much more all with a touch of the Caribbean style.
*Quality and authenticity of all the handmade products, purchased in our shop are guaranteed.