Café Barista

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“Where coffee is a passion we take very seriously”

Coffee origins
Beverages come and go. The only beverage that has survived for centuries is coffee. How come? Coffee is a social product. It brings love, warmth, and harmony. Hot or cold, coffee is a complete culture. Coffee does not make a difference in nationality, skin color, society or age. The Coffee Factory introduces this culture and philosophy with a fabulous line called “Café Barista”. This line offers a variety of coffees, all from the country of coffee, “Colombia”.

“At home, at the office or in a restaurant, Cafe Barista suits every need.” – Jerry

The Company
The Coffee Factory was established in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles in May 2004. Strategic alliances were formed with companies in Colombia, USA and Italy, in order to guarantee the best available quality and to maintain high standards. The factory is run according to the international manufacturing (BMP) standards. Our management-team, constantly reinforce and evaluate these standards.

Our Mission Statement
It is the Coffee Factory’s mission to offer the finest selection of coffees and to exceed the customer’s expectation at all times, and every time. A strong customer service will support the fantastic product range. Both the internal as the external partners will be treated like family.The finest Arabica Premium coffee beans are carefully selected by our purchasing department experts in Colombia and transported to Curaçao.

The green beans are freshly roasted in our plant by our master roaster. Once roasted, the coffee is grinded and carefully packed in our air tight bags with one-way valve. Cafe Barista… Your reliable Premium Gourmet Coffee supplier, served exclusively at The Coffee Factory for your personal enjoyment.