Scented Dreams

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True beauty is reflected in your soul.

Curacao wellness products for the world.
Here you will find your favorite authentic collections for your body, mind and soul.

Our Story
Close your eyes and picture this…..See yourself getting out of your car, open the door of your home and a nice scent meets you telling you to relax, your home now. Immediately all the tension in your shoulder falls off and you stroll peacefully to your kitchen to pour a nice glass of wine. Following you light your favorite candle in your bedroom and lie down for 10 minutes before taking a shower with that delightful soap you just bought. Since life has been so good to you, don’t forget to scrub those awful skin cells to feel renewed again.

Excuse me for disturbing your imagination, I feel you and got the exact products you need in this moment.

See, my name is Valesca Ernest-Montonjo, certified product formulator, alchemist and lover of simple cosmetic products. I have dedicated countless hours to uncover the real benefits of aromatherapy and natural raw materials, and my time has paid off for you and me. Through my research, I’ve discovered some of the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer and uses them to formulate our personal care products.

My product line ranges from candles that scent and benefit you, soaps and cosmetics to wash off and peel all the stress from your body help you regain back your energy. All are locally handmade with you in mind so you can relax and have a wonderful experience every time you use them.