Kadushi Artisan sugar body scrub 2-pack


  • 2 x Kadushi Artisan Body Scrub
  • 6 cm x 7 cm x 12 cm

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Kadushi sugar body scrub provides a gentle yet creamy deep exfoliation for the body.It also contains extra-moisturizing virgin coconut oil and kadushi to help preserve your skin’s natural moisture and are enriched with antioxidants to keep skin looking young and healthy. Kadushi sugar body scrub has a fresh, clean, and vibrant scent It’s crisp and green and is also vegan.

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Product specificities

Scoop some Kadushi® sugar body scrub out of the jar and begin massaging it gently into your skin. Try not to press too hard. Rinse thoroughly. It may be slippery in the shower. Use a towel to pat your body completely dry. Use the Kadushi® sugar body scrub one or two times a week

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