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DUSHI U CURACAO ® makes handcrafted Artisan Luxury skin products that contain only the
best natural ingredients to pamper your skin and senses. Our passion for making these products shines through our designs, ingredients, and best practices. We use quality raw materials and scents.
You can see and feel the love we put in our products. We offer wholesale, Retail, and Private label products. Our products are locally handcrafted and soaps are also hand cut. Also Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, Palm Free, and our soapboxes are from recycled cardboard.

Owner and creator of Dushi U Curaçao ®, Daphne Bos, is a certified Soapmaker and a certified Organic SkinCare Formulator. We started in the fall of 2006 making Kadushi soap.

Dushi U Curaçao is known for it’s Kadushi® products
Kadushi is a natural unique ingredient that we use in our skincare products.
Kadushi is our pillar cacti that grow on the beautiful island of Curaçao. Kadushi is cacti that is also unique because it grows only in our region. Kadushi has properties that are beneficial for our skin. The Kadushi we use is natural and harvested on our island.

What does our logo mean? We created our logo with our customer in mind, as our customer, a private person or a company, is very important for us.
On Curaçao, there is one word you see and hear everywhere: DUSHI.
It has many meanings and is always positive. Dushi is our Papiamento word for nice, sweet, my darling, a way to say thank you and if you find someone sexy, and it’s a way to express our love or gratitude for someone. The U in our logo is you as our customer. With our logo, we want to express our love and gratitude for and to our customers.

Dushi U Curaçao ® aims to be the cosmetic company of the island of Curaçao and region with its handcrafted Kadushi products. Our purpose is to manufacture and market high quality, unique, body, and personal skincare products. Our dream at Dushi U Curaçao ® is to make your daily skincare experience the best moments of the day. We aim to inspire people with everything we do and make.

We have a passion to provide our customers with the best skincare products. We want to be a leader of the island of Curaçao and region in body & skincare Kadushi products. How we develop and create new products show that innovation is central to how we work and grow.

We want to push the limits to wow and pamper our customers and make them happy with
our products.

We deliver excellence in everything we do by working hard. How we work, the quality of our customer service, our products, and being socially responsible has a high priority for us.

How we work, treat people, and the raw material we buy.
Our purpose is to be socially and environmentally responsible not only for what we produce and sell but also creating jobs