Carel Rink Art

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Carel Rink (25) is a Dutch artist who lives in Curaçao, a small Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela. He mainly makes colorful sculptures and paintings which are inspired by the island.

At 11 years old he moved from the Netherlands to Curaçao with his family where he finished high school and worked as a photo-/videographer for a couple years. At 19 years old he moved back to the Netherlands to studie Art & Design at Rijn IJssel College in Arnhem. In 4 years he learned both art and graphic design. After completing his studies, he went back to Curaçao to start his own project.

This project originated after an internship back in the Netherlands. In the third year of his studies he did an internship at Jacky Zeegers, a visual artist who makes colorful sculptures and paintings of animal figures. At the end of the internship Carel got the opportunity to design his own sculpture. With Curaçao in his mind he created the Goatchi, an unusual sculpture of a goat that was out of proportion but still recognizable. An animal that is seen by local people as a characteristic of the island.

After the Goatchi proved to be a success, it was time for a new sculpture. At the beginning of 2019 the next sculpture came on the market: Iggy. In the same style as the Goatchi but in the shape of an iguana. The iguana is probably the most photographed animal on the island. You can find them in bushes, trees and even on the beach. Although many people find them scary, Iggy is meant to be loved by everyone!