Chichi – Medium


Our most popular size, not too small, not too big.
We have two versions;

Material: Plaster, full cast, painted with acrylic paint
Dimension: (W x D x H) 13.5 x 10.5 x 15 cm

Material: Polyresin, hollow cast, painted with acrylic paint and finished with a 2k lac. Dimension: (W x D x H) 13 x 10 x 14.5 cm

Cleaning instructions: Wipe with a half-wet cloth


Chichi® is a sensual, well rounded Caribbean figure. She represents the vibrant, dynamic and responsible older sister. She is handmade and hand painted in bright Caribbean colors by local craftsmen and painters at Serena’s Art Factory in Curaçao.

Chichi is the Papiamentu word for ‘big sister’. She represents the eldest daughter of the family, who binds the family together in a loving and caring way. She is a much appreciated female role model in the Caribbean community of today and a very live part of its colorful heritage.

Everybody can use the love of a big sister around them. Choose your favorite size and design at this webshop or preferable bring us a visit in Curaçao.

After receiving your Chichi at home you can take a look at our website  who painted your Chichi. Your Chichi will have a number on the bottom that corresponds to the painter on our website. Each of the Painters has a beautiful and individual story to tell and would love to receive your feedback through the multimedia channels we use!

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Ben Edition, White Flamingos, White Cactus, Yellow Flowers, Yellow Houses, Yellow Butterfly, Orange Cactus, Red Scales, Red Willemstad, Pink Flamingo, Pink Abstract, Pink Heart, Purple Hummingbird, Purple Cactus, Green Flowers, Green Flamingo, Curaçao Flag 1, Curaçao Flag 2, Blue Flamingo, Turquoise Turtles, Turquoise Palm Tree, Turquoise Troepial, Multi-colored, Blue & White Houses, Black & White, Custom Made