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Since 1948
In the 1940s, a pharmacist on Curaçao was after the creation of a new after-shave lotion. After several experiments with different oils and ingredients, the pharmacist arrived at the recipe of what would later become Alcolado Glacial, an unique mentholated splash lotion. He couldn’t create the after-shave that he was after, but he still created a wonder product with highly refreshing qualities. After this, he approached Curaçao Laboratories and sold the company the secret recipe in 1948.

Our products
After the mentholated splash lotion became the favorite product of every household in Curaçao, Glacial extended its portfolio with several other products:

  • Glacial Hand Sanitizer
  • Glacial Rub
  • Glacial Soap

These products have one thing in common, the unique mentholated fragrance that distinguishes Glacial from all other brands, and its unique sanitizing qualities.

From Curaçao to the world
Glacial is proud of its Curaçao heritage, and its loyal consumers who in time became Glacial’s organic brand ambassadors around the world. Thanks to our consumers, our excellent quality and the distinctive refreshing and sanitizing qualities of our products, Glacial is now present in over 40 countries across the Caribbean, South America, North America and Europe. 


  • 100% made Curaçao made
  • 71 years providing high-quality products
  • Remarkably refreshing
  • Unique mentholated fragrance